4 Ways to Get Relief from Eye Allergies

A young girl with allergies rubs her eyes

Anyone who suffers from eye allergies understands that it’s more than just a minor inconvenience. The itching and irritation can be enough to distract from nearly any activity and can quickly begin to interfere with the productivity of our days. If you’re looking for some relief, here are a few ways to take action.

1. Limit Your Environments

You’ve likely already taken steps to avoid pollen and spores, but it may be time to go a step further. To protect the sensitive conjunctiva (the membrane that covers the eye) while you’re asleep, try investing in hypoallergenic pillow covers. During the day, use sunglasses or specialized eyewear to stop tiny particles from entering your eyes. Constricting your environment can also make it easier to tell what exactly is bothering you, so you can focus on avoiding one thing instead of everything.

2. Start Your Deep Cleaning Engines

Spring cleaning isn’t just for airing out the attic and finding all your pastel summer clothes. Between the snows of winter and the showers of spring, all that damp weather creates the perfect conditions for mold. Part of controlling the spread is the simple act of patrolling the home. Deep cleaning is a great way to get rid of all the hair and dust that have built up in the forgotten corners of your space. You can also consider a dehumidifier if certain spaces are beginning to smell musty.

3. Explore Medications

Some allergy sufferers with mild or short-term symptoms may benefit from over-the-counter medications. For more serious cases, there are also prescriptions that can be helpful. This can be a bit of a trial-and-error situation, but testing different solutions may be the only way to find what works for you. In some scenarios, all you need is a few eye drops to control the worst of the irritation. Others will need something much stronger.

4. Visit A Specialist

If you find that none of your efforts are doing much to curb the problem, a specialist may be able to drill down to the heart of the matter. It could be that only a prescription will do, in which case it’s better to see someone who understands allergies at a different level than, say, your general practitioner. In rare cases, it’s not impossible for people to mistake eye allergies for a more serious infection. A specialist can tell you more about the underlying reason for your condition, so you start feeling real relief.

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