Dr. Kimberly Riordan Explains the Difference Between Spring Allergies and Dry Eye

Dr. Kimberly Riordan smiles. Text on image reads "Explains the Difference Between Spring Allergies and Dry Eye" for Ponte Vedra Recorder
Every spring, allergy sufferers reach for eye drops and medications to soothe their itchy, watery eyes. But too often, patients confuse allergies with the condition known as dry eye. The symptoms of allergies and dry eye are similar, and studies show that dry eye cases peak with allergy season as well. However, treating dry eye with allergy medications can actually make symptoms much worse.
Watch this video as Dr. Kimberly Riordan reviews the differences between allergies and dry eye. Or, read her comments in this column published in the Ponte Vedra Recorder. She also explains proper treatment options to help you break the cycle of eye irritation and feel better during allergy season.