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Recent Patient Testimonials

Ron T.

Dr. Kammerdiener brought clarity back to my life, clarity in eyesight that is. I see everything much more vividly thanks to her. I would definitely recommend her to any of my friends that are in need of better vision. I always look forward to my visits to see how much progress I am making.

Debbie K.

Your office is always like a well-oiled machine. Everything runs smoothly and quickly. Even amidst COVID, everyone was very friendly and I felt well taken care of. Thank you.

Sam F.

Dr. Kostick was very polite and professional. He did a very thorough exam for my particular problem. He gave me sound advice that seems to be paying off. He provided samples for the eye drops that I needed so I never went without. I am truly appreciative.

Penny R.

A good system for social distancing of appointments. The doctor had a great demeanor and gave me thorough explanations.

Helen H.

Dr. Riordan and her staff did an outstanding job taking care of me on my last visit. They were able to get a same-day authorization for a procedure that saved me from making an additional appt. It was greatly appreciated.

Chris M.

Dr. Lott and the entire staff at Florida Eye Specialists are very professional, conscientious, and provide a very comfortable environment throughout their process of completely improving your vision!

Mark K.

Dr. Lott and his staff made me feel very comfortable. They handled the appointment professionally and made me feel really cared for. They answered all of my questions thoroughly. I would highly recommend Dr. Lott!

Linda D.

I have been coming here for over 20 years. The quality and care is a big part of why I am still here. Professional and personal every time I have an appointment.

Henry G.

Dr. Hasan was very pleasant, warm, and friendly. Keeps you informed on what’s going on during the exam and what to expect after the exam is over.