Oculoplastics FAQ

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Is eyelid surgery covered by Insurance?

Our Jacksonville eyelid surgery experts and caring staff will be happy to help you determine if your eyelid surgery might be covered by insurance. The answer to whether insurance covers the eyelid surgery procedure depends upon the type coverage you have and the level of benefits your insurance provides. As a general rule, insurance does not cover cosmetic surgery. However, if the puffiness or drooping of your eyelids is encroaching upon your field of vision, the blepharoplasty procedure may be covered as a “medically necessary” surgery. A visual field exam may be ordered to determine the extent to which the upper lid is interfering with your vision.

Some healthcare insurance companies will cover eyelid surgery if three main requirements are met.

  1. Documented photo of eyelid droop or dermatochalasis (excess skin above the eyelid).
  2. Documented clinical exam by a physician.
  3. Improvement in a superior visual field test with tape compared to without.

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