Dry Eye

Dry eye is a very common problem that affects millions. It occurs when the eye does not produce tears properly, or when the tears are not of the correct consistency and evaporate too quickly. Dry eye can affect people of any age and either sex, although more commonly affecting women. Let our Jacksonville dry eye doctors assist you with a proper diagnosis.

Learn more about the different forms of dry eye and contributing factors.

Our Dry Eye Center

Florida Eye Specialists is proud to offer a full-service Dry Eye Center at our San Marco and Ponte Vedra locations, headed up by Dr. Kimberly Riordan. Dr. Riordan and her team focus on all aspects of Dry Eye care from diagnosis to treatment.

Florida Eye Specialists is the area’s only Dry Eye Center of Excellence and utilizes the latest, cutting-edge technology to create the best individualized treatment for patients.

Dry Eye Diagnosis & Treatment

Our doctors can diagnose dry eyes by measuring tear production and looking at the eye with special stains. Treatment options include:

  • Blepharitis treatment with microblepharoexfoliation to the eyelids with a procedure called ABmax, which is a deep cleaning of the eyelids and lashes
  • IPL, or intense pulsed light
  • Lipiflow thermal pulsation
  • Moisture chamber goggles
  • ProKera therapeutic device
  • Artificial tears and gels
  • Plugs to block the drain to allow more tears to bathe the eye
  • anti-inflammatory drops such as cyclosporine

The key to treatment is to break the cycle of irritation and inflammation by identifying the cause of the dry eye and then addressing the underlying problem.

Symptoms of Dry Eye

  • Blurring of vision that comes and goes
  • Stringy mucus
  • Burning
  • Redness
  • Foreign Body Sensation (Scratchy feeling in the eye)
  • Excessive tearing
  • Eye fatigue
  • Light sensitivity
  • Itching
Dry Eye Center of Excellence Certificate