LipiFlow® Option

Woman using an eyedropper to drop eye drops into her eye
LipiFlow dry eye treatment option

A new treatment for dry eye sufferers is now available: LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation. This groundbreaking treatment applies directed energy to affected glands, exactly where is it needed most. If eye drops and other over-the-counter prescriptions remedies are not having the affect you want in experiencing the long-lasting relief of dry eye syndrome, you may be a candidate for LipiFlow®.

LipiFlow® uses a controlled warm temperature and gentle massaging to allow blocked meibomian glands to open. The natural production of lipids needed for tear film is then resumed.

The LipiFlow® treatment is clinically proven with sustained results. A clinical study showed about 79% of patients reported an improvement in their dry eye symptoms after one LipiFlow treatment. Having the LipiFlow treatment, along with your normal care for dry eye, can significantly reduce the symptoms, and help you experience dry eye relief like never before.

What happens during a LipiFlow® Treatment?

A disposable eye piece (LipiFlow® activator) is inserted under the upper and lower eyelid in order to prevent contact with the cornea. This is where the treatment begins. In a quick 12 minute procedure, the meibomian gland score will usually double from one single treatment. The average total meibomian glad score will go from 6.3 +- 3.5 glands at the baseline, to about 16.7 +- 8.7 glands within 4 weeks.