What Do Expecting Mothers Need to Know About Pregnancy and Eye Health?

A woman holds her pregnant belly in a bedroom

Expectant mothers, especially first-time expectant mothers, experience extreme changes in their bodies both inside and out. From a growing belly to an emotional shift, your body’s preparation for a new life can have significant effects on your physical health. One of these effects can even include a worsening vision.

Understanding the Symptoms

Your pregnancy’s effect on your vision can manifest in many ways. Like most pregnancy-related disorders, the symptoms can vary. Some women may experience just a tinge of discomfort. Others, however, may develop more serious vision loss, especially if they suffer from preexisting conditions.

If you have puffy or dry eyes, it could be due to the hormonal imbalances during pregnancy. However, if your symptoms are prolonged or increasing in severity, you may need professional help. The same is true if you’re experiencing sensitivity to light, headaches, or blurred vision.

Treating the Discomfort

There’s no need to suffer from migraines or eye strain throughout your entire term. A specialist can tell you more about how to make simple changes to have a better pregnancy. For example, blurred vision can stem from water retention, which may be alleviated by changing your diet or altering your exercise routine.

If you were already suffering from diabetes, glaucoma, or high blood pressure, you should consult with your eye doctor immediately after becoming pregnant. Your doctor can tell you more about which medications can help or hurt your pregnancy and how your vitals can affect both your body and the body of your offspring. If you develop gestational diabetes, you should also consult your eye doctor as soon as you know.

Taking Control

Eye health issues can pop up at any age, but pregnancy puts additional pressure on all of your systems. An exam can also give your doctor the chance to catch underlying issues as quickly as possible, so you can enjoy healthy vision for your whole life.

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