Sports Vision Training

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Professional athletes across the country are using Sports Vision Training to ramp up their performance and edge out the competition. Today’s elite athletes all have strength, speed, and agility, but those with quicker reaction speed and greater visual processing are the ones with the competitive edge. These are the top-tier athletes who can make game-changing decisions in a split second, leading their teams to victory. Athletes at all levels can improve their athletic performance through the use of Sports Vision Training.

As an aspect of athletic training, Sports Vision Training is often overlooked by many professional coaches, trainers, and athletes. The mainstream athletic world is unaware of how much visual performance can be improved using a personalized Sports Vision Training program. General vision training sessions can never produce the same level of results as that seen when a trained eye care professional directs an individualized Sports Vision Training program for one dedicated athlete.

“It has been proven time and time again that maximizing the visual proficiency of athletes is the greatest contributing factor to their improved playing success,”

-Donald S. Teig, OD, FAAO

How Does Sports Vision Training Work?

Sports Vision Training works to improve a specific set of visual skills that are used during athletic performances. These visual performance skills include:

  • Eye tracking
  • Binocular vision for depth perception
  • Eye focusing
  • Central and peripheral visual attention
  • Visual processing speed for reactive agility

At Florida Eye Specialists, our Sports Vision Training expert, Dr. Kimberly Riordan, evaluates the visual performance of each athlete with an eye toward the sport and position played. The test results are analyzed to create a vision profile for that specific athlete. This profile displays the visual strengths and weaknesses of the athlete and compares the results to those of professional and elite athletes in the same field.

We then use their profile to develop a personalized, structured Sports Vision Training program specifically designed to address any deficits in the athlete’s sports vision abilities. All Sports Vision Training sessions are one-on-one with highly skilled ophthalmic technicians guided and directed by Dr. Kimberly Riordan. The program is in conjunction with our partnership with the Jacksonville Jaguars as the official eye care providers of the team.

Florida Eye Specialists is Now the Official Eye Care Provider for the Jacksonville Jaguars

To learn more about the Sports Vision Training program at Florida Eye Specialists, fill out an appointment request form, and our scheduling department will be in touch with you.