Study Finds AMD Patients Benefit From Cataract Surgery

Young Woman Pointing at Her Eye | Florida Eye Specialists

There is a new US study that found cataract surgery is likely to benefit patients with all stages of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). AMD is a progressive eye condition that affects around 15 million Americans and millions more around the world. It attacks the macula of the eye, where our vision is at its sharpest. The researchers conducting the study evaluated the visual acuity (sharpness) of 1,939 eyes from 1,244 patients in various stages of AMD after they had undergone cataract surgery.


Some findings were:

  • On average, visual acuity improved after cataract surgery in patients with AMD ranging from mild to advanced
  • The best improvement in visual acuity was in patients whose vision was worse that 20/40 before surgery
  • There was no difference in improvement between patients with wet and dry AMD
  • For a one year check-up, there was an improvement in visual acuity for 865 eyes that were available for a follow-up
  • High doses of vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene did not affect the development or progression of cataract
  • When these vitamins were combined with zinc, there was a 25% reduction in the risk of progression to advanced AMD over the 5 years of the study

In conclusion, “On average, participants with varying severity of MAD benefited from cataract surgery with an increase in visual acuity postoperatively. The average gain in visual acuity persisted for at least 18 months.”

To learn more about Dr. Emily Chew and her study read the full article from Medical News Today!