Triplets Battle With Eye Cancer

Close-up image of a baby's eyes

All three of the Low babies have something in common – besides being triplets! They all have lost an eye to cancer. The Low triplets have been battling bilateral retinoblastoma since they were two months old.

The triplets were born in December 2013, without any of the complications usually anticipated with multiple births. Two months later, however, in an attempt to find distinguishing features to tell his sons apart, Richard — a medical resident — noticed Mason had a teardrop-shaped pupil.

Taking the advice of a friend who is an eye doctor, Richard took a photo of his son, in which the pupil in his left eye appeared to be white and glowing. The next day, the Lows were told by doctors that Mason had a large tumor blocking most of his central vision, likely caused by retinoblastoma, which can be hereditary.

Within days, Thomas and Luke were tested and found to also have visible tumors.

Since then, the family has regularly been flying out to Toronto for treatments and checkups.

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