LASIK or Contact Lenses: Which is Worth it?

Woman putting in contact lens.

At Florida Eye Specialists, we understand that each patient is different. Each of you has different needs and unique eyes. We strive to provide everyone who walks through our doors the most helpful solution to their vision problems. For some people, this means advising LASIK over contact lenses, and vice versa.

You may have heard before that not everyone is a candidate for LASIK surgery. This unfortunately is true, but at Florida Eye we see plenty of patients who see a greater benefit from contact lenses. For patients who are candidates for LASIK, we see a great benefit from ditching contact lens prescriptions.

So – if you’re a candidate for both methods, which do you choose? Let’s discuss the pros and cons of each vision correction method, comparing price, efficacy and overall patient experience.


The initial cost of LASIK surgery scares a lot of potential patients off. While the initial cost is certainly more money than that of contact lenses, research has found that in the long run, LASIK is more cost effective. On average, contact lenses cost about the same as LASIK surgery over a 20 year span, not including accessories and lens solution. This means that by getting LASIK instead of constantly refilling contact lens prescriptions, the surgery pays for itself in about 20 years.


This depends on the patient. In general, those who undergo LASIK surgery say the result is the same or better than that of contact lenses. Of course, all results depend on the original condition of the eye and the level of refractive error. One big draw in this regard is the freedom that comes along with LASIK. Patients experience the same or better vision that they had with contact lenses, all without needing to maintain and care for contact lenses.


Again, this depends on the patient. Many people can’t stand the constant care the contact lenses require, and others fit it into their routine without issue. If you are part of the first group, then LASIK may well be worth it for you. LASIK surgery eliminates the maintenance that goes along with contact lenses. Contact lenses are very convenient for some, and a huge hassle for others.

If you are still undecided, your next step is to come into Florida Eye Specialists in Jacksonville to find out which method of vision correction is really best for your needs. Our experts at Florida Eye are here to help you make the decision between LASIK surgery and contact lenses. Call us today for your consultation or request an appointment online!