Florida Eye Specialists & Maida CustomVision Announcement

Dr. Akbar Hasan Dr. Amit Chokshi Dr. Jerry Maida

Florida Eye Specialists has always been committed to excellence in eye care for each and every patient. We are proud to be the largest ophthalmology practice in Northeast Florida, providing the very best in specialty eye care. With six locations in the area, we provide a wide variety of speciality surgeries, including LASIK, cataract surgery, corneal replacement, and many more. We are wholeheartedly dedicated to serving the needs of our patients and providing an excellent patient experience.

To further our ability to serve you, we are proud to announce that Drs. Amit Chokshi and S. Akbar Hasan of Florida Eye Specialists will be collaborating with Dr. Jerry Maida of Maida Custom Vision at a new LASIK only location.

About Dr. Jerry Maida

Dr. Maida is a leader in refractive surgery and was the first to offer laser vision correction in northeast Florida. At Maida CustomVision, they pride themselves in having a long-term staff that is capable, conscientious, and compassionate. They share our vision for top level eye care and elite customer service. Having Dr. Maida join the Florida Eye team is truly a great honor.

What This Merger Means for Our Patients

This merger creates a LASIK only location – which marks our sixth location in the Jacksonville area. Drs. Chokshi and Hasan are both fellowship-trained Cornea, Cataract, and LASIK surgeons. They will continue to perform cataract and corneal surgery with Florida Eye Specialists at their respective locations and work with Dr. Maida in further developing the LASIK center.
Here is what this new collaboration will look like:

  • The staff, philosophy, and management of the patients will remain the same.
  • The combination of 3 master LASIK surgeons in one location provides unparalleled vision correction in the region.
  • This partnership combines two separate entities, creating something better and greater than either entity on its own

Working together, we will bring you the best LASIK experience from the vast array of tremendous clinical and surgical experience among Drs. Chokshi, Hasan, and Maida.  Our team will continue to offer the most advanced technology while providing our patients the best clinical experience and outcome.

For our patients, their friends, and family, we are offering a limited-time 20% discount on your LASIK procedure, if it is performed before October 31st.

If you have further questions about our merger with Dr. Maida, or wish to schedule your appointment, consultation, or surgery, please call Florida Eye Specialists at 904-328-6218.