Botox Party 2.0 – Better Than Ever

Botox Party | Florida Eye Specialists

In June, Florida Eye Specialists hosted our first ever Botox Party, and it was a huge success. Now, we’re kicking it off again and expect a great event once again. 

Before considering cosmetic surgery, it’s a great idea to try a less-invasive solution that millions of patients have opted for. Botox helps give a quick and clear solution to improve looks and well-being, so on Wednesday, September 28th, Florida Eye Specialists will be hosting our 2nd Botox Party from 5pm to 7pm.


This Botox Party is a great way for you and your friends to spend the evening treating yourselves to something nice. Unlike some other Botox Parties, ours is hosted by one of the region’s best opthalmic centers, and will be performed by recognized leaders in cosmetics.


We’ll be offering Botox at the party for a discounted price of $10 a unit. Also, if you buy 50 units of Botox, we’ll give you half off the price of Latisse, completing your cosmetic makeover in one evening. We’ll also be offering deep discounts on a wide variety of SkinMedica skin care products, to keep your newly freshened face looking great once you get home.

Our Botox Party is a great social gathering, complete with wine, cheese, and light appetizers, making it the perfect social occasion for your group.

The party will be held from 5 PM to 7 PM on Wednesday, September 28th. Our office is located at 11512 Lake Mead Ave #534 Jacksonville, FL, 32256. To RSVP to the party, call our office at (904) 328-6218 today to reserve your spots.