Williams Visionary Scholars

Williams Visionary Scholars | Florida Eye Specialists

Florida Eye Specialists has partnered with other eye care practices in Jacksonville to host African ophthalmologists visiting the area, prior to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) conference for the Jacksonville Rotary Club.

The 2016 scholars are recipients of the Mike Williams Visionary Scholarship Fund, a project of the Jacksonville Rotary Club. Organizers of the fund selected scholars not on the size of their practice, but because of their work with those less fortunate, made possible in part by its partnership with AAO.

The Rotary Club of Jacksonville created the Mike Williams Visionary Scholarship Project in honor of the club’s past president, Mike Williams. The project focuses on addressing the critical need of eye disease and treatment in Africa, where genetic factors, extreme exposure to the sun, poor nutrition and lack of access to proper medical care increases the risk for cataracts and other vision problems.

The goal of the 5-year scholarship program is to provide for four African ophthalmologists to come to the U.S. each year, giving an opportunity for these eye doctors to learn the latest techniques for correcting the most widespread vision problems affecting Africa.

While in Jacksonville, the scholars participate in specialized studies and clinical observations in the field of ophthalmology. After having formed new medical skills and personal relationships with peers in the United States, the doctors will return to their home country with new techniques and a greater understanding of the mission of Rotary.

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