Dr. Hasan Trains on New Cornea Technique

Dr. Hasan Trains on New Cornea Technique | Florida Eye Specialists

Recently, Dr. Akbar Hasan had the opportunity to attend a course in Rotterdam, The Netherlands concerning a new procedure for partial corneal transplants. He has brought his newfound knowledge back to Florida Eye Specialists in order to help patients in the northeast Florida area with certain corneal diseases see more effectively, and heal more quickly.

A new solution for patients in need of a partial cornea transplant

While attending a course in The Netherlands presented by Dr. Gerrit Melles, Dr. Hasan trained on an innovative new technique that can be used in partial cornea transplants. Following the courses detailing the procedure and its uses, the attending doctors—who came from North America, South America, and Europe—were given access to a working lab where they could get comfortable performing the technique in order to institute it in their practices back home. At this specific course, Dr. Hasan one of two doctors from the United States to train on this technique.

For patients who have some forms of corneal disease, the back lining of the cornea will often wear out and become covered in tiny bumps, which will eventually result in the swelling of the cornea. This new technique allows Dr. Hasan to remove only the back layer of the cornea that has become swollen, leaving the residual areas of the cornea intact. Following this procedure, many patients achieve either 20/20 or 20/25 vision.

About Dr. Gerrit Melles

The course on this inventive procedure was delivered by Dr. Gerrit Melles, a world-renowned Dutch ocular surgeon. In 2004, Dr. Melles, founded the Melles Cornea Clinic in Rotterdam, which is a part of the Netherlands Institute for Innovative Ocular Surgery (NIIOS). The clinic treats patients with corneal diseases, as well as other ocular disorders, from within The Netherlands and all across the world. Their mission is to help patients lead better lives through unique, proven treatment methods.

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When it comes to your eye health, you should never be forced to rely on outdated treatment methods or antiquated techniques, which is why the doctors at Florida Eye Specialists are dedicated to a constant pursuit of the most innovative and sophisticated treatments available. To learn more about partial corneal transplants or any other ocular health issue, schedule an appointment with Dr. Hasan or one of his skilled and experienced colleagues at Florida Eye Specialists.