Protecting Your Eyes During Holiday Travel

Florida Eye Specialists | Protecting Your Eyes During Holiday Travel

When planning activities during holiday travel, your eyes are probably among the last things you worry about. Whether you’ve got perfect 20/20 vision, or you desperately need corrective measures, it’s important to take steps to keep your eyes healthy during any type of vacation. Snowy slopes and sandy beaches each pose their own dangers to your eyes, along with cozy days spent at home. Follow these tips while you’re relaxing to make sure you come back home with your eyes in great condition.

Bring a Backup

Whether you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, the best way to ensure your vision is protected is to bring a backup set of your vision correction. Nothing ruins a sightseeing trip like a pair of glasses falling into a lake or a tear in a contact lens. If you don’t have spares, and there’s no time to get them, put your eye prescription in your wallet. If you are prescribed any medications or eye drops, make sure to pick them up in advance so your eyes can be properly taken care of during holiday travel.

Care for Them Like You’re at Home

Leaving mascara and other kinds of eye makeup on when you go to sleep can encourage eye infections. When you’re packing your shampoo and other toiletries, make sure to put in makeup remover pads and gentle cleanser. Top it off with a bottle of artificial tears to help eyes that have been exposed to dry airplane air.

Protect Your Eyes from UV Rays

The UV rays in sunlight can be damaging to your eyes, no matter if you’ll be in tropical heat or snowy cold. Sunglasses should be rated to block out 100 percent of the UV rays in the environment. Choose wraparound frames to block the sun from your side, and pick larger ones to completely cover your eyes.

Take Care of Your Contacts

Vacation time is not the time to cut back on your contact lens care. It may be tempting to just pop your lenses in their cases and worry about them later, but that’s a great way to end up suffering with painful eyes. Talk to your eye care doctor to get disposable lenses for your trip, or pack along a complete cleaning kit that’s rated for your type of contact lens.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

While it’s good advice for any time, it’s especially important to drink lots of water while you’re on vacation. Airplanes and commercial buildings are known for having dry air, which can leach moisture from your eyes. Pack your favorite reusable water bottle and make sure to empty it multiple times a day.

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