Dr. Patel Performs First PDEK Surgery in Region

Dr. Patel wears a medical device and holds a device up to a patients eye while performing the first PDEK Surgery in the region.

Dr. Ravi Patel of Florida Eye Specialists recently became the first doctor in North Florida to perform the new PDEK surgery, an advanced type of cornea transplant that provides faster visual recovery times for patients.

Using the PDEK technique, doctors take the two innermost layers of the cornea, along with the newly discovered Dua’s layer, and graft it within the patient’s eye. PDEK is different from whole cornea transplantation in which the entire donor cornea is transplanted in place of the recipient’s cornea.

PDEK recipients often benefit greatly from early visual recovery and less postoperative inflammation, rather than the year-long recovery period needed with older techniques. In fact, some patients have recovered from PDEK in as little as 1-3 months.

“It’s amazing I can see again!” says Dr. Patel’s PDEK patient, Daphne, “I had cataract surgery and PDEK cornea transplant surgery at the same time. It was fast, easy, and I’ve healed so well—I’m very pleased. When Dr. Patel took the stitch out, I couldn’t believe it. Before, I couldn’t even read. Now, I’m grateful to be able to see, and to not wear glasses is wonderful. I recommend Dr. Patel to anyone.”

If your cornea is scarred, swollen or damaged, a cornea transplant may be recommended. Book an Appointment with Dr. Patel or contact Florida Eye Specialists to learn more about if PDEK surgery is the right solution for your health.