Dr. Ravi Patel Gives Young Mother the Gift of Sight

Dr. Ravi Patel was featured on First Coast News for performing a life-changing procedure for a young mother. Takeeya Woods, 30, had lost her vision to a hereditary condition called keratoconus. The only way to treat it is through a corneal transplant. Due to Woods’ condition, she struggled to make ends meet and care for her two young sons. Thanks to Dr. Patel’s passion for assisting those who need it most, Lions Eye Bank donated a cornea for this deserving patient, and the Surgery Center donated their fees as well. Now, for the first time, Woods will finally see her sons when they wake up on Christmas morning.

In an effort to help those in need, Florida Eye Specialists is currently creating a foundation to provide free services and programs. Contact us to learn more.

Watch the inspiring story here: