Dr. Amit Chokshi Trains in Low-Cost Cataract Surgery for Mission Work

A collage of Dr. Chokshi's mission trip

Dr. Amit Chokshi traveled to Querétero, Mexico this fall to learn a surgical technique called Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery, or MSICS. The training was provided by the Mexican Institute of Ophthalmology

MSIC is a surgical technique to remove dense cataracts. This technique is used to provide safe, effective, low-cost cataract surgery to patients. By learning this technique, Dr. Chokshi will be able to deliver care to patients in need on future cataract mission trips to Mexico. Dr. Chokshi also brought his daughter along for the trip to help foster her interest in ophthalmology.

“This trip was an amazing experience, especially being able to experience it with my daughter,” said Dr. Chokshi. “It was great to see how ophthalmology care can be delivered in another way, but still be very safe and effective. The surgical technique that I learned will be very useful for future cataract mission trips that I can go on.” 

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