5 Common Eye Care Myths

A smiling older couple is looking at a laptop screen. The woman wears glasses and is holding a credit/debit card.

At Florida Eye Specialists, we encourage patients to learn as much as possible about their eyes. Protect your eyes and your vision by learning the facts and debunking common eye care myths. This will help you lower your risk of developing eye disease. When you see one of our eye specialists, having this knowledge means you’ll know the right questions to ask about your own eye health. 

Keep the following eye care myths in mind for your next eye exam.


Myth 1: You’ll Become Dependent on Reading Glasses When You Start Wearing Them

If you need glasses to read the text more clearly, you shouldn’t worry that you’ll need to rely on them all the time. It’s normal to wear glasses while reading, especially for people over 40. Reading glasses will relieve the strain on your eyes, but they won’t make you dependent on them.


Myth 2: Peripheral Vision Always Shrinks as You Get Older

With age, you may experience problems seeing text or objects clearly up close, but your peripheral vision shouldn’t get worse. If you’ve noticed problems with your side vision, you should have your eyes checked. Limited peripheral vision is a common glaucoma symptom. This type of eye condition needs to be managed or treated as soon as possible. Sudden loss of your peripheral vision in both eyes could also indicate a stroke. Make sure to seek immediate medical attention to avoid any permanent damage.


Myth 3: Contact Lenses Prevent Nearsightedness from Becoming Worse

While having contact lenses can make it easier to see clearly when you’re nearsighted, they won’t stop your vision from getting worse. Your eyes might still become more nearsighted as you get older, which just means you might need to have your corrective lens prescription updated.


Myth 4: Floaters Are Completely Normal With Aging

Floaters are a common occurrence as people get older, but they’re not always harmless. These floating spots develop when the gel in your eyes begins to liquefy. Some people get floaters when they experience retinal detachment. You should seek care right away if you notice floaters and flashes of light in your vision.


Myth 5: Staring at Screens All Day Does Permanent Vision Damage

Looking at your computer, phone, or tablet screen for several hours a day can make your eyes feel tired or strained. However, you don’t have to worry that you’re permanently damaging your vision this way. While looking at screens can leave your eyes dry, which can cause them to feel uncomfortable, there’s an easy way to prevent this. Taking a periodic break from screens every so often can help prevent eye strain. If your vision gets worse, consider discussing blue light filters or glasses with your optometrist or optician. 


At Florida Eye Specialists, we always put patient care first. When you need a reliable ophthalmologist for eye exams or other eye care, contact us to request an appointment. We have eight locations that make it easy to find an eye doctor in the Jacksonville, FL area for your convenience.