Will Dry Eyes Affect Your LASIK Eye Surgery?

old woman with glasses in hand in front of computer rubbing eyes

Dry eye is a very common eye condition. The relationship between dry eyes and LASIK is an interesting one. The success of LASIK surgery depends on controlling this common eye condition. Those with mild dry eyes may be eligible for this eye surgery. It’s important to speak with your doctor about the requirements to reduce the effects of dry eye prior to surgery. 

What is dry eye disease?

Dry eye disease is one of the most common eye conditions in the U.S. affecting millions of people. It occurs when the eye does not either properly produce enough tears or good quality tears. As a result, people with this condition frequently experience symptoms including burning or itching in the eyes, and eye redness. Severe symptoms can take many forms, including sensitivity to light, blurred vision and difficulty wearing contact lenses.

This disease can be caused by aging, autoimmune disease, medical condition or medication side effects, allergic reactions, and hormonal changes. Developing dry eye disease can have important consequences on your qualification for LASIK. 

Can I get LASIK if I have dry eye?

Many people living with dry eye disease are unsure if they are eligible for LASIK. There is not one easy answer to this question. This disease is a very common complication for patients after they undergo this procedure. Research shows that 95-percent of all LASIK patients suffer from some kind of dryness in the immediate aftermath.  Most of these cases resolve on their own within the first month after surgery and can be treated with over the counter artificial tears.  

It is common to question whether patients with dry eye should risk worsened symptoms and other complications associated with eye surgery. Dry eye patients are not always eligible for LASIK surgery. 

Eye doctors have found that patients with mild dry eye symptoms can be good candidates for LASIK. This is especially true for those that experience dry eye symptoms because of contact lenses. Successful treatment can do more than free the patient from contact lenses. This treatment can also be used to relieve eye irritation and to improve quality of life.

Dry Eye Treatment Before and After LASIK

Managing dry eye disease before and after LASIK surgery is crucial for patients. Most doctors will recommend some type of treatment prior to the procedure in order to control symptoms. This may include the use of artificial tears, oral medication or supplements, lifestyle changes, and other treatments. 

Scheduling an appointment with one of our top surgeons is the best way to know if you qualify for LASIK surgery. LASIK surgery could have different outcomes depending on the conditions you may have. Make sure you talk to one of our eye doctors about the facts regarding dry eyes and LASIK. Request an appointment today with the team at Florida Eye Specialists to see if you qualify for LASIK surgery.