Home Remedies for Dry Eye That Work

A senior woman holds her glasses and pinches the bridge of her nose in discomfort

Have you noticed your eyes burning or watering? If you feel desperate for relief from red and itchy eyes, you may have dry eye disease. It can be difficult to find home remedies for dry eye that work.

Many adults suffer from dry eyes, which is caused by a lack of lubrication from inadequate tear production or low-quality tears. The doctors at Florida Eye Specialists recommend the following remedies to alleviate your discomfort. 

Suggestions for Contact Lens Wearers

Those who experience dry eye may feel wary about wearing contact lenses. Replacing lenses daily will help to avoid the formation of protein deposits that will make your eyes even drier. We recommend using silicone hydrogel contact lenses because they require less moisture than other lens materials. Additionally, silicone hydrogel allows more oxygen to reach the eye and is known to improve lens wetness and overall comfort compared to other lenses. 

With so many available, we know it can be hard to choose what is best for you. Consider switching to these lenses: Dailies® Total 1, Acuvue® 1 Day with Hydraluxe, or Clariti® Day 1.

Stay Hydrated

There are many other natural remedies available for dry eye disease.

Often, dehydration can be a cause of dry eye. Without normal hydration, tear production slows, limiting lubrication available to your eyes. Not only can this cause dry eyes, but also eye strain and other vision-related issues, such as excessive irritation, watering, blurred vision, or a sensation that feels like dirt is stuck in your eye.

Drinking plenty of water will help curb the effects of dry eye and eye strain.

Eat More Fish

Healthy omega-3 fatty acids are said to increase the oils needed to moisten your eyes and reduce inflammation, which improves eye function and decreases irritation caused by dry eye. One serving of most fish contains anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 mg of omega-3s, and you can also get a healthy serving from foods like walnuts, vegetable oils, and flaxseed. 

Omega-3 supplements and liquids are available and can be an effective alternative to fish and other natural sources of omega-3.  Florida Eye Specialists carries both Hydro Eyes and EZ Tears supplements as well. 

Additional Remedies

Florida Eye Specialist doctors also recommend many other simple but worthwhile remedies for dry eye: 

  • Take breaks when reading, watching TV, or using your computer/cellphone. It is important to look away at frequent intervals to ensure you are blinking, which supports adequate tear production.
  • Apply a warm compress nightly to alleviate pain and reduce swelling from dry eye irritation. 
  • Gently wash your eyelids with an over-the-counter lid scrub to help with inflammation. 
  • Protect your eyes from outdoor elements. Wear sunglasses that provide UV protection when outdoors, even if the sun isn’t visible. Dry eye effects can be aggravated by dim light, wind, rain and more.
  • Avoid cigarette smoke as much as possible. Smoke significantly increases the risk for dry eyes and will advance any burning, irritation or uncomfortable sensations caused by dry eye.

Dry Eye Disease is a common syndrome that many live with every day. When the symptoms persist, we hope our tips and tricks will provide relief. Find comfort with our list of home remedies for dry eye that work. If you’re in search of the best dry eye treatment options, schedule an appointment with our dry eye specialist. Our team of specialists is equipped with the most advanced technology and research to create a personalized treatment plan to alleviate your symptoms.

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