Dr. Ravi Patel Performs Pro Bono Cataract Surgery for Diabetic Dad in Need

Dr. Patel Performs Pro Bono Surgery for Diabetic Dad in Need

Florida Eye Specialists is proud to fund pro-bono surgeries for vision-saving care through the Florida Eye Cares foundation. 

William Servance, a Jacksonville dad of two, received one of these free cataract surgeries when his insurance wouldn’t cover the cost. Dr. Ravi Patel performed the crucial surgery in October. Now, Severance says, he can see better than ever before.

At only 38 years old, Servance began to experience difficulty in helping his kids with their homework and driving late at night. After a few months of severe vision problems, he knew he had to do something. “You know eventually you’re either going to lose your vision or it’s going to get worse than what it already is,” he said. 

He visited Dr. Patel, who diagnosed him with cataracts in both eyes. This came as a surprise since most cases appear in patients over the age of 60. However, Servance suffers from diabetes which makes him three to four times more likely to develop the condition.

Servance was thrilled that Dr. Patel donated his time and talent to perform the surgery at no cost. The procedure for each eye took 15 minutes, scheduled one week apart. 

He said his new and improved vision has given him a better view of his overall health and life. Dr. Patel said, “It brings a lot more pride and joy when I can see the patient and see how well they’re doing.” 

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