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LASIK vs. Cataract Surgery

When you have vision problems, LASIK surgery or cataract surgery may be able to help. However, these types of surgeries are used for entirely different vision problems. Learning more about these two treatment options can help you make a decision for your vision. Keep the following information on these eye surgeries in mind. What Is

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Advances in Femtosecond Laser Technology

When cataracts seriously impair your vision, your doctor might recommend surgery to remove the cataract and replace your lens. Femtosecond laser technology offers a gentler and more accurate way to surgically remove cataracts when compared to traditional surgery. Learn more about this treatment to see if laser surgery in Jacksonville, FL might be right for

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Eye Floaters: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

If there’s debris on your contact lenses or watermarks and scratches on your glasses, then you’re likely to see dark specs or even strings when you’re wearing them. But what if these specs and strings are appearing in your vision even when you aren’t wearing lenses? If you’re experiencing this, then you’re likely dealing with

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Dr. Shetty smiles. Text on image reads "Dr. Rajesh Shetty Discusses Advanced Technology in Cataract Surgery"

Dr. Shetty Discusses Advanced Technology in Cataract Surgery

Dr. Rajesh Shetty was featured in the Ponte Vedra Recorder to discuss advanced technology in cataract surgery and options to improve quality of life. With more patients choosing cataract surgery than ever, it’s important for patients to know their options and discuss with their eye surgeon. In this article, Dr. Shetty explains the advances in

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July Is UV Safety Month | Florida Eye Specialists

July Is UV Safety Month

July has been designated as National Ultraviolet Safety Month, and there’s no better time to talk about UV safety than when the weather starts to heat up and the sun stays out all day. UV safety includes protecting your eyes because many people are unaware that extended exposure to UV radiation can cause long-term eye

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