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Photo of Dr. Donald A. Barnhorst
Doctor Spotlight

Getting to Know Dr. Donald A. Barnhorst 

At Florida Eye Specialists, we’re committed to providing quality care from diagnosis to treatment. That’s why we are proud to announce our merger with cataract specialist Dr. Donald A. Barnhorst, M.D., and his team at Barnhorst Eye Associates.  Dr. Barnhorst is known for his deep passion for ophthalmology and his commitment to providing high-quality patient

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Floaters in the eye, medical symptom in optics
Cataract Information

Do Cataracts Cause Eye Floaters?

Cataracts and eye floaters affect your vision in different ways, but many believe that a correlation exists between the two. However, the two conditions impact entirely different areas of the eye. Learn more about the relationship between cataracts and eye floaters and the available treatment options at Florida Eye Specialists. What Are Cataracts? Cataracts refer

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man taking his blood pressure
Eye Health

How High Blood Pressure Can Lead to Vision Loss

Monitoring high blood pressure and eye health can warn you of possible health concerns. Blood pressure is one of the most important health indicators, and untreated high blood pressure can lead to many different medical conditions throughout the body, including deadly strokes and heart attacks. By taking care of your eyes, you’ll be able to

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Meet Dr. Habhab
Doctor Spotlight

Getting to Know Dr. Samantha Habhab

At Florida Eye Specialists, we’re committed to providing quality care from diagnosis to treatment. That’s why we are proud to welcome fellowship-trained Dr. Samantha N. Habhab, M.D., to the team. She specializes in cornea, cataract and refractive surgery.  Dr. Habhab is known for her dedication to patient care and close attention to detail. We sat

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Dr. Habhab Explains Recent Eye Drop Recalls on First Coast
In the News

Dr. Habhab Explains Recent Eye Drop Recalls on First Coast News

Dr. Samantha Habhab, a fellowship-trained ophthalmologist at Florida Eye Specialists, is an expert in cornea, cataract and refractive surgery. She sat down with local TV news station First Coast News to raise awareness about recent artificial tear drop FDA recalls for products including EzriCare Artificial Tears and Delsam Pharma’s Artificial Tears. As of April 6,

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Man blows his nose while sitting on a bench
Dry Eye Information

How to Prevent Dry Eye When You Have Seasonal Allergies

Allergy season is the worst time of year for people with dry eye. Symptoms of itchiness, blurry vision, and watery eyes are often exacerbated by blooming flowers, trees, and yard work, making it impossible to enjoy your everyday life. Thankfully, you can take steps to protect your eyes and reduce painful symptoms. And if these

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Coming Soon: Adjustable Cataract Lenses

Florida Eye Specialists Pioneers Technology to Customize Vision After Cataract Surgery The dedicated team at Florida Eye Specialists will soon offer the first cataract lens implant that can fine-tune vision after cataract surgery.  Using the groundbreaking Light-Adjustable Lens™ technology, our cataract surgeons can make precise adjustments to patients’ eyes based on their personal preferences. This

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Dr. Lott Specialist Spotlight
Doctor Spotlight

Getting to Know Dr. McGregor Lott

At Florida Eye Specialists, we’re committed to providing quality care with the latest technology, from diagnosis to treatment. Dedicated doctors like McGregor Lott, M.D. make our practice Jacksonville’s leader for comprehensive eye care and personalized patient treatments. 

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Dr. Lott & patient
Diabetic Retinopathy

Patient Story: Living with Diabetic Retinopathy

A simple exam for blurry vision helped lead patient Dennis Sanderson to a proper diabetes diagnosis and receive the treatment he needed. Since starting his journey with Florida Eye Specialists and Dr. McGregor Lott, Dennis has seen a significant impact on his sight. 

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man skiing in sunglasses
Dry Eye Information

Why Are My Eyes So Dry in the Winter?

It’s no secret that eye protection is essential throughout the summer months, but did you know that this is also important during the winter, too? As temperatures drop, our eyes are exposed to dry air and other extreme conditions, making dry eye symptoms extremely common. Fortunately, there are many measures you can take to protect

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