Dr. Amit Chokshi on News4Jax: Are Contact Lens Wearers At Higher Risk for Contracting Coronavirus?

A screenshot from a news broadcast featuring Dr. Chokshi and a reporter
Protecting our eyes may be crucial to slowing the spread of the novel coronavirus—especially for contact lens wearers. A study has found that coronavirus may cause pink eye, and the virus can spread through touching our eyes. This research suggests that contact lens wearers—who, studies show, touch their eyes more frequently than non-wearers—may be at higher risk for contracting coronavirus. But, do they need to put contact lenses away for good?


Dr. Amit Chokshi, M.D., ophthalmologist and partner at Florida Eye Specialists, joined the News4Jax Morning Show to discuss the connection between coronavirus and pink eye, proper safety for contact use and best practices for protecting our eye from the virus.


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