Patient Spotlight – Joel Dondis

Joel Dondis sitting with two reporters for video interview.

Florida Eye Specialists’ Dr. Kim Riordan worked with multi-talented athlete Joel Dondis and transformed his sports vision capabilities through intensive Sports Vision Therapy sessions. Dondis decided to work with Florida Eye Specialists because he wanted to take his athletic abilities to the next level. Through the treatments, he increased his ability to maintain focus, improved his hand-eye coordination, and limited distractions standing in the way of success.

The exercises performed in the Sports Vision Therapy program relate to the sport in which you wish to improve performance. Dondis worked primarily on target practice; he also participated in sessions to improve his tennis performance.

“There are 8 tennis balls randomly moving around. Balls will highlight, and you have to keep your eyes on the ball. The exercise is training your focus,” Dondis says. 

Dondis’s game improved exponentially through the sessions. He says he grew stronger not only physically but also mentally. 

“It trains your mental anxiety. I can trust my eyes and allow them to work. Everyone is thinking ‘I want to make a great shot,’ but you need to be in the mindset where you actually can produce a great shot,” he says.

He documented his improvement in his shooting game in particular. “I’m shooting clay targets in an inch profile at 50 yards, 10 in a row… I haven’t been doing the sport as long , but I can shoot as well as any pro.”

Dondis says Florida Eye Specialists doctors inspire their patients with the mindset that “nothing is going to stand in the way of you being successful.” Thanks to Dr. Riordan’s knowledge and encouragement, Dondis is the most confident he has ever been in his vision and, therefore, his athletic ability. He says, “I could be a race car driver, driving 200 miles per hour, my clarity is that good. I can handle any extreme.”