Do Cataracts Cause Eye Floaters?

A close-up of brown eyes looking away from the camera

Cataracts and eye floaters affect your vision in different ways, but many believe that a correlation exists between the two eye conditions. Large or widespread cataracts can impair your vision, making it blurry or discolored, whereas eye floaters can disrupt your otherwise clear eyesight with random spots or dots. Read on to learn about the relationship between cataracts, eye floaters, and the available treatment options at Florida Eye Specialists.

What Are Cataracts?

Cataracts are a type of cloudiness that covers the lens in one or both eyes. It develops slowly with aging when proteins break down and cover areas of the lens. This cloudiness makes it harder for light to get through clearly to your retina. Cloudy vision is not the only sign of cataracts. When it starts to cover wider areas, you might experience double vision, light sensitivity, and trouble seeing at night.

What Are Eye Floaters?

Tiny spots that disrupt your vision are known as eye floaters. Similar to cataracts, these spots become more common and apparent with age. You might see them more obviously when looking at a white background on a screen or when you’re outside during the day. Eye floaters develop from parts of the gel-like part of the eye called the vitreous. Then, they break away from the vitreous and float around the cornea, disturbing your otherwise clear vision.

Does Cataract Surgery Cause Eye Floaters?

Patients suffering with cataracts may opt to receive cataract surgery. While cataract surgery is one of the safest surgical procedures in the country, it can increase your awareness of pre-existing floaters. Because cataract surgery helps improve your vision—allowing you to see brighter colors and clearer shapes—you may notice pre-existing floaters for the first time after cataract surgery.

In rare situations, patients who receive cataract surgery may develop eye floaters after their operation. Cataract surgery can cause traction in the eye, which may lead to the development of eye floaters. With proper care, these floaters can be treated even after you undergo cataract surgery. 

Treatment Options For Eye Floaters

What should you do if you have eye floaters after cataract surgery? If you find new, worsened, or more obstructive eye floaters after cataract surgery, you should discuss treatment options, such as LASIK surgery, with your eye doctor.

For more information about cataract and eye floater treatment, request an appointment at Florida Eye Specialists or download our free guide about cataracts.