Florida Eye Cares Performs 20 Free Cataract Surgeries at First Annual Holiday Event

A collage of various images of surgeons posing and performing surgery at Florida Eye Cares. There is a logo in the center of the collage

The Florida Eye Cares team paid it forward this holiday season by donating 20 cataract surgeries to deserving patients in need. The first event of its kind had four doctors from the practice working for a total of 7 hours to restore the eyesight of Jacksonville locals. These patients didn’t qualify for Medicare or Medicaid and were suffering from cloudy vision.

One of the patients, Edward Willis, takes care of his 88-year-old father full time. But that’s getting harder with his cataracts. This surgery will allow him to see his father through the end of his days.

“I’m thanking God all the time. Thanks to Vision is Priceless, and the doctor and his staff very much. I appreciate them very much,” said Willis.

Cataracts are a debilitating disease. If left untreated, cataracts have the potential to cause blindness. That’s why the condition is crucial to address as soon as possible. 

Dr. Hasan, one of the cataract specialists of the practice and founder of the Florida Eye Cares foundation, said the surgeries will make a huge improvement to these patients’ quality of life. In the future, he hopes the community will support the cause. 

“Having cataracts and trying to work is challenging. What we do to help these people will help their quality of life and those around them,” said Dr. Hasan. “We’re asking the community to support the cause and see the multiplying effect we can have by restoring sight.”

Dr. Hasan hopes to make this an annual event to help more people every year. Starting in 2021, he would like to perform up to 100 cataract surgeries in one day. 

Florida Eye Specialists launched their nonprofit Florida Eye Cares earlier this year, and has since dedicated a large portion of their efforts to giving back to the community. Throughout the year, they have partnered with other local organizations like Vision is Priceless to bring free screenings, increased awareness of eye disease, education for local doctors, and hope for better eye care for all. 

If you or someone you know is in need of eye care, you can apply for a pro bono surgery online through Vision Is Priceless. You can also donate to the cause by visiting FloridaEyeCares.com

You can read the full story, covered by First Coast News, on their website.