Dr. Ravi Patel Performs Life-Changing Cornea Transplant for Professor from the Bahamas

Dr. Ravi Patel stands next to cornea transplant patient Freeman Kelly who is lying in a surgical bed

Freeman Kelly, an adjunct professor from the Bahamas, traveled to Jacksonville to receive a life-changing cornea transplant eye surgery. 

The 71-year-old professor has suffered from glaucoma and cataracts for years. After undergoing three different eye surgeries, Kelly’s vision still suffered. His blurry and unfocused vision had made it impossible for him to walk or drive by himself. 

“He’s developed swelling or decompensation of his cornea which has caused him to have blurry vision,” Dr. Patel said. 

Florida Eye Specialists surgeon Ravi Patel, MD, gave Kelly his independence back by performing a pro bono cornea transplant surgery in May 2021. Thanks to Dr. Patel’s passion for assisting those who need it most, Lions Eye Bank donated a cornea for this deserving patient. The Surgery Center and Sunbelt Anesthesia Services donated their fees as well.

As Kelly heals from his cornea transplant, he will slowly regain his vision and gain much of his independence back. He is excited to continue teaching and looks forward to driving once again. 

The Florida Eye Specialists team is grateful for the ability to give back to those in need.