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Dr. Rachana Patel: Risks of Wearing Contacts While Swimming

Dr. Rachana Patel was featured on News4Jax to discuss the risks of swimming or showering while wearing contact lenses. She explains the contaminants common in water that can jeopardize eye health, signs of an eye infection, and proper contact lens care. Watch the full interview below:

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2016 CDC Study Reveals Dangers of Improper Contact Lense Care | Florida Eye Specialists

2016 CDC Study Reveals Dangers of Improper Contact Lens Care

In a recent study, the CDC found three common mistakes of contact lens care that can lead to serious eye infections. Michael Beach, director of CDC’s Healthy Water Program, said, “Contact lenses are a safe and effective form of vision correction when worn and cared for as recommended. However, improper wear and care of contact

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