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Dr. Chokshi

Dr. Chokshi smiles. Text on image reads "Discusses Training in Low-cost Cataract Surgery"
Cataract Information

Dr. Chokshi Featured in the Ponte Vedra Recorder: Training in Low-Cost Cataract Surgery

Dr. Amit Chokshi was recently featured in the Ponte Vedra Recorder with his daughter Sofia. He discusses their father-daughter mission trip last year to Querétero, Mexico. Dr. Chokshi learned an important cataract surgery technique to help underserved patients. The trip also brought him closer together with his daughter, while fostering her interest in medicine and

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Lady Having Eye Test Examination
Eye Health

MIGS: The New Age of Glaucoma Surgery

Any method of glaucoma surgery centers on reducing pressure in the eye in order to decrease or prevent optic nerve damage. However, most of the methods that are used to accomplish this involve major surgery and are highly invasive. While these glaucoma treatments are typically quite effective, the methods can lead to many potential complications.

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Florida Eye Specialists Free LASIK Giveaway
Giving Back

Our Patient Appreciation LASIK Giveaway

This past April, Florida Eye Specialists helped host The Docs’ Block Party, a patient-appreciation event at their Southside location. While at the event, attendees were encouraged to visit various stations and learn more about the other practices in the business complex. Patients who visited all the stations would be entered in to win Free LASIK

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