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A senior man holds his glasses and rubs his eye

Glaucoma Myths: Everything You Need to Know

If you have symptoms of glaucoma or were recently diagnosed, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed or confused. Unfortunately, there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding the condition that make it difficult to find the right treatments.

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Dr. Shetty inspects Marian Rogers eyes during an eye exam

Dr. Shetty Saves Glaucoma Patient’s Sight With Innovative Surgery

Florida Eye Specialists is fortunate to be able to give back to patients in need through pro bono surgeries funded by Florida Eye Cares. Marian Rogers has been fighting with glaucoma for decades. While doctors cannot reverse the vision loss in her eyes, Dr. Shetty performed a new technique with the XEN Gel Stent to

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An elderly man holds his glasses and rubs his eyes while trying to read something

Glaucoma Symptoms and Causes

Glaucoma, widely known as the “sneak thief of sight,” is a group of eye diseases that can gradually and unknowingly steal your vision. Millions of Americans have glaucoma, yet many are unaware they have the disease since the symptoms are often unnoticeable at first. Protect your eyes from vision loss through routine eye exams and

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An eye doctor performs an eye exam on a female patient

How Far Glaucoma Treatment Has Come: Then and Now

Glaucoma is treated by lowering eye pressure. Today, this can be done in a variety of ways, including oral medications, prescription eye drops, laser treatments, surgery, or a combination of these treatments.  Prescription eye drops can help by either decreasing the amount of fluid the eye makes or improving how the fluid drains from the

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Dr. Shetty smiles with his arms crossed. An image of the Ponte Vedra Newsline is behind him. Text to his right reads "Dr. Shetty in the Ponte Vedra Newsline"

Dr. Shetty Discusses Glaucoma in the Ponte Vedra Newsline

In honor of Glaucoma Awareness Month, Dr. Rajesh Shetty was featured in the January issue of the Ponte Vedra NewsLine to discuss this degenerative eye disease. Dr. Shetty covers causes, symptoms, and the latest treatment options to preserve vision. Read the excerpt from the paper below.   Research Finds Glaucoma Patients Have 10 Times as

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A man holds his cheek with one hand and holds a contact lens in the other hand.

What Diabetics Need to Know About Cataracts & Other Eye Conditions

Diabetes comes with an onslaught of potential complications, high among those complications are eye problems. The good news? With proper treatment and lifestyle changes, many people with diabetes are able to prevent or delay the onset of these symptoms. In a situation where knowledge is power, knowing what to expect can be your best tool

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5 Things You Should Know About Glaucoma | Florida Eye Specialist

Glaucoma: 5 Things You Should Know

While Glaucoma is a very common eye condition that people are aware of, many are unaware of how it works and the seriousness of the condition. It’s important to understand this group of eye diseases and what you should do in order to protect your eyesight from long-term damage. Glaucoma actually refers to a group

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