Using Your Tax Refund for LASIK

Using Your Tax Return for LASIK | Florida Eye Specialists

Before we know it, tax season will be in full swing! If you’re anticipating a refund on your taxes in 2017, you may have already begun thinking about how that refund cash will be allocated. Before you mentally spend all that hard-earned money of yours, however, consider the ways in which it could be used to improve your quality of life. If you’re part of the 75% of American adults who needs corrective lenses, why not look into applying some of your tax refund to a LASIK procedure?

Why Tax Time is the Best Time

Unfortunately, many people who could benefit the most from LASIK never have the procedure done because they have a hard time justifying the cost. They may feel that their vision is low on the priority list and that they can “get by” with their daily contact lenses or prescription glasses.

For those anticipating a tax refund, then, this presents the perfect opportunity for you to do something for yourself—something that will improve not just your vision, but your quality of life. Imagine no longer having to deal with the hassle of cleaning, inserting, removing and paying for contact lenses. Imagine no longer being frustrated with the hassle of selecting a new pair of glasses every year or two.

If you’ve been under the impression that you can’t afford LASIK, you may be surprised to see just how far the average income tax refund can get you when it comes to paying for the procedure.

Benefits of LASIK Treatment

LASIK is an effective procedure for correcting most vision problems, and most patients are able to experience results within 24 hours (or fewer!) after having the procedure done. The procedure itself is essentially painless, and recovery is quick. For most who have LASIK done, there is no longer the need for corrective eyewear. This saves you the hassle, time, and cost involved in getting a new vision prescription, picking out frames, and maintaining them.

Not to mention, everyday activities in your life are made easier when you no longer need to remember to wear your glasses or put your contacts in. You can enjoy swimming, playing sports, and driving without the need for prescription lenses. In this sense, LASIK can truly improve every aspect of your life and allow you to maximize your vision.

Choosing a Florida LASIK Specialist

The key to a successful LASIK procedure is finding the right specialist for the job. At Florida Eye Specialists, our doctors have performed more than 24,000 LASIK procedures, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Do something for yourself this year by using your tax refund to treat yourself to better vision. Contact us today to request your consultation so we can determine whether you’re a viable candidate for LASIK and get your procedure scheduled!