Dr. Kostick Performs Pro Bono Surgery for Teenage Boy

Dr. Kostick poses with a teenager. Text reads "Dr. Kostick Performs Pro Bono Surgery for Teenage Boy"

Dr. David Kostick of Florida Eye Specialists recently performed a life-changing procedure for a teenage boy who needed eye surgery. Edward Yost, 19, was injured in an accident that resulted in a torn tear duct.

Edward is very active and enjoys playing rugby. He regularly volunteers with organizations such as Baptist Sports, but he could no longer participate after the accident.

Unable to see and in tremendous pain, Edward’s quality of life had decreased drastically. His mother, Lynda, brought him to Florida Eye Specialists in hopes of getting him the help he needed. When Dr. Kostick learned Lynda could not afford the procedure, he volunteered to perform the necessary surgery pro bono.

“Without Dr. Kostick, I don’t know what we would’ve done. My son’s eye would never have been the same,” said Lynda. “For Dr. Kostick and Florida Eye Specialists to do this, I will never be able to say thank you enough.”

Since the surgery, Edward’s vision has improved substantially. “My son’s sight means everything to me,” said Lynda. “He can see because Dr. Kostick took a chance on him and took care of him. We’re very grateful.”