Dr. Ravi Patel and Vision Is Priceless Host Community Eye Clinic at Florida Eye Specialists

An eye doctor sitting down with patient to examine patients eyes using medical equipment

Recently, Dr. Ravi Patel and Jacksonville non-profit Vision Is Priceless partnered to host a free vision clinic at Florida Eye Specialists. This was one of many clinics the dedicated doctors and staff at Florida Eye Specialists have hosted to provide essential eye care to those in need. 

Together, Florida Eye Specialists and Vision Is Priceless have helped 118 patients so far this year. Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many patients have been out of work or uninsured. The community eye clinics help patients like Eugene Steverson. 

Mr. Steverson was working as a driver until the pandemic, when all the drivers at his company were laid off. Unfortunately, his glasses broke. With no insurance, he was unable to afford an exam or new glasses. Mr. Steverson is very grateful for the services of Dr. Patel and Vision Is Priceless. “The volunteers were like angels, and I felt accepted,” Mr. Steverson said. “The volunteers cared for me as a person. I feel more confident now.”

Another patient seen at the clinic was Linda Durham. Ms. Durham has no vision coverage and is on a fixed income. She was diagnosed with a mass tumor that was removed and not cancerous, but she is unable to work due to her diagnosis. Because of COVID-19, she’s had to wait to receive much-needed eye care. Mr. Durham was grateful for her eye exam and glasses.

The team at Florida Eye Specialists believes everyone deserves clear vision. That’s why Florida Eye Cares was founded, to provide the gift of sight to those who would otherwise not afford it. Learn more about Florida Eye Cares and how you can give back to those in need.