Does Cataract Surgery Help Glaucoma? What You Need to Know

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An estimated 15% of the 3.5 million patients who undergo cataract surgery also have primary open-angle glaucoma. Recent studies have shown that cataract surgery can provide benefits for future glaucoma management in patients. Learn more about how cataract surgery can help glaucoma below. 

Could I Have Cataract Surgery If I Have Glaucoma?

Many patients worry about their ability to undergo certain eye procedures when they suffer from multiple eye conditions. Fortunately, you can have cataract surgery while living with glaucoma. Your eye doctor will need to evaluate your vision and the progression of these conditions before making a decision.

Extra caution is needed to be taken to monitor the inner eye pressure of individuals with glaucoma who undergo cataract surgery. We are proud to be the first eye care practice in Northeast Florida to introduce laser cataract surgery. Our Cataract Consultants will explain your treatment options and help you select the best solution for your specific case.

Why Does Cataract Surgery Help Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is caused by many other eye conditions that result in increased pressure within the eye. In some cases, cataract surgery can lower high eye pressure, thus relieving some of the pressure causing a patient’s glaucoma. 

Treatments for glaucoma vary between individuals depending on the type of glaucoma and the patient’s general health and wellness. Early detection, diagnosis, and treatment are key to preserving a patient’s vision from cataracts and glaucoma. When the inner eye pressure is lowered, patients suffering from glaucoma can have an improved quality of life.  

What Treatments Are Available If I Have Glaucoma and Cataracts?

There are a variety of treatment options available for glaucoma patients with cataracts. Each patient’s case is different and will need to be evaluated individually. An eye doctor will create a personalized treatment plan for your vision to minimize risks. 

An eye doctor may consider surgically removing the cataract and treating glaucoma with medications or laser treatments. For some patients, cataract surgery alone can provide relief to the high inner eye pressure. 

Combination procedures for the two conditions exist but are not suitable for every patient. Combination procedure opportunities depend on several factors. The number of glaucoma medications, the cataract’s maturity, and the state of glaucoma can affect this decision.

Living with two serious eye conditions can be scary. Luckily, there are treatment options available for both cataracts and glaucoma, even when you suffer from both. At Florida Eye Specialists, our Glaucoma Center and Cataract Center are run by board-certified and fellowship-trained ophthalmologists. Schedule an appointment today with our glaucoma and cataract specialists in Jacksonville, FL.  

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