Glaucoma Treatment Options

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Is Glaucoma Treatable?

Because many different types of glaucoma exist, treatments may vary between individuals depending on the type of glaucoma as well as other factors including one’s general health and wellness. Through early detection, diagnosis and effective treatment, you and your doctor can help to preserve your vision.

Most patients are adequately treated with eye drops, but some may require laser treatment or require various incisional eye surgeries. See below for some additional treatment options offered at Florida Eye Specialists.

SLT (Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty) Glaucoma Treatment at Our Jacksonville, FL Practice

SLT - Glaucoma Treatment Options Jacksonville

When it comes to treating glaucoma, one of the most common interventions is the application of glaucoma drops. Although these work well, not all patients can tolerate them. For those patients that find them unhelpful, SLT can work well. SLT is a swift medical procedure undertaken under local anesthetic. A laser is used to widen the drain to the eye, which allows fluid to leave more easily and the intraocular pressure is swiftly reduced. The process is a quick, outpatient procedure that has minimal side effects and can really make a significant impact on glaucoma treatment, when combined with anti-inflammatory drops. FDA approved, SLT is a safe, effective treatment for many people suffering from glaucoma.

Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery at Our Eye Specialist Center in Jacksonville, FL

Advances in technology and the development of new equipment and more sophisticated eye surgery techniques mean that glaucoma surgery today is rapid, safe and can really help to treat this disabling condition. At our Jacksonville center, one of the most popular glaucoma treatments involves opening up the internal drain of the eye, enhancing fluid removal. This technique has been significantly refined over the years, so that today it is a highly successful procedure that many patients find of use.


Glaucoma is a degenerative condition that is caused by increased pressure on the optic nerve. Once damage has been caused, it can’t be reversed. Fortunately, provided the condition is spotted promptly and the pressure on the nerve removed, further deterioration can be slowed, or even halted altogether. A frequently used procedure to reduce intraocular pressure is the trabeculectomy. This involves creating a tiny canal between the inside and outside of the eye, through the white part (the sclera). As the fluid leaves the inner eye, it passes to the upper part of the eye, near the outside edge, where it is absorbed by the body. The removal of fluid means there is less to press on the cranial nerve, reducing the damaging pressure that glaucoma can cause.

Tube Shunts Available in Jacksonville, FL

Shunts - Glaucoma Treatment Options Jacksonville

The key to successfully treating glaucoma is to reduce the pressure which intraocular fluid places on the optic nerve. It is the pressure that causes the symptoms of glaucoma, damaging the optic nerve and causing the unpleasant glaucoma symptoms that sufferers experience. One way of relieving the pressure is through the insertion of a shunt that channels fluid from inside the eye to the outside and back of the eye. The most popular shunts are the Ahmed and Baerveldt tube shunts. Our ophthalmologists frequently use these to provide a permanent drain for fluid. Once in place, around three-quarters of patients treated see their eye pressure drop, protecting their optic nerve from further harm. Although the damage from glaucoma can’t be reversed, the timely insertion of a shunt is a safe, quick method of preventing the problem from getting any worse.

Treating Glaucoma: Next Steps

We want to make sure you are offered the best possible treatment modality to prevent possible loss. Florida Eye Specialists is proud to offer very thorough and complete glaucoma eye care in the Jacksonville Florida area. If you are a patient who has struggled with the glaucoma eye disease and would like a second opinion, our doctors can provide a thorough diagnosis and create a treatment protocol tailored to your needs.