Dr. Ravi Patel Performs Life-Changing Surgery for Young Business Owner In Need

Dr Patel & pro bono patient

Patient Vincent Elliott, 28 years old, could barely see to count fingers in front of his face when he came to Florida Eye Specialists. Elliott had lost his vision in both eyes to a hereditary condition called keratoconus. The only way to treat it is through a corneal transplant. 

Due to Elliott’s condition, he struggled to maintain his new cleaning business and care for his two children. As an entrepreneur he did not have insurance, and his options for eye care in his area were limited. His doctor in Waycross Georgia even threatened to take his driver’s license away. That’s when he knew he needed to do something.

Dr. Ravi Patel Gives Back 

Florida Eye Specialists surgeon Ravi Patel, MD, gave Elliott his independence back by performing a pro bono cornea transplant surgery in January 2023. Thanks to Dr. Patel’s passion for assisting those who need it most, Lions Eye Bank donated a cornea for this deserving patient. The Surgery Center and Sunbelt Anesthesia Services donated their fees as well.

For Elliott, traveling from Georgia to Jacksonville, Florida was well-worth the amazing eye care he received from Dr. Patel. “I was so excited. I have no insurance. I just started my business, so I was so happy that Dr. Patel was willing to do this for me,” Elliott said. “It really helped out a lot, trust me. It was the best thing that happened all year and a great way to start off the New Year.”

Life-Changing Eye Surgery

As Elliott heals from his cornea transplant, he will slowly regain his vision. “I can tell a major difference in my sight already. Before it was completely blurred. You could be one foot away from me and I couldn’t see your face. Now it’s ten times better,” Elliott said.

At his latest exam in February, Elliott’s vision was measured at 20/80. Dr. Patel’s goal is for Elliott to see 20/20 once he is all healed. Elliott is excited to continue building his cleaning business and get married to his beautiful fiancée.

The Florida Eye Specialists team is grateful for the ability to give back to those in need.