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Dry eyes in winter
Dry Eye Information

Tips for Soothing Dry Eyes In Winter

Written by Donald A. Barnhorst, Jr., M.D., Florida Eye Specialists Do Dry Eyes Get Worse In Winter? As temperatures drop, our eyes are exposed to cold, dry wind and air, making dry eyes in winter all too common. Dry eye symptoms can also occur as your heating system runs during the winter, which removes the

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Cornea Information

Now Available: Groundbreaking Keratoconus Treatment

For keratoconus patients, seriously impaired vision can get in the way of living a normal, active life. That’s why dedicated eye doctors at Florida Eye Specialists like Dr. Ravi Patel are committed to bringing the latest advanced keratoconus treatments to Jacksonville-area patients.  Florida Eye Specialists was the first in the region to offer a groundbreaking

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Online check-in now available

New Digital Check-Ins and Consent Forms Coming Soon

At Florida Eye Specialists, our commitment to innovation and exceptional patient care drives us to explore cutting-edge solutions. That is why we are excited to introduce a new digital check-in and consent system. Starting in November, patients will be invited to join our new check-in process. Pilot Program to Improve Patient Care The pilot program

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In the News

Eye Drop Recalls: Dr. Guier Explains Safety Tips on News4Jax

FDA Eye Drop Warning: Risk of Eye Infection from Major Brands Recently, the FDA issued a warning for consumers to stop using more than two dozen over-the-counter eye drop products. This warning includes products sold at major retail stores and pharmacies like Target and CVS. The FDA found that these eye drops could cause an

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Cataract Information

Contact Lenses & Cataracts: What You Need to Know

You can wear contact lenses after cataract surgery, but will you need to? And, can you wear your contacts before surgery? Getting ready for cataract surgery can be stressful, but our dedicated team at Florida Eye Specialists is here to help. If you have questions about wearing contact lenses and cataract surgery, our cataract surgeons

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Cutting-edge light delivery devices now at southpoint, mandarin & fernandina beach
Cataract Information

Now at Mandarin & Fernandina Beach: Cataract Lens Treatments

Adjustable Cataract Lens Treatments Now at Southpoint, Mandarin & Fernandina Beach We are thrilled to announce that Florida Eye Specialists has acquired two additional state-of-the-art Light Delivery Devices for our Light Adjustable Lens™ procedures. These cutting-edge devices are now available at our Southpoint, Mandarin, and Fernandina Beach locations to better serve you after your cataract

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Woman rubbing eyes after taking off her glasses
Dry Eye Information

Can Dry Eyes Cause Blurry Vision?

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, over 20 million people have dry eye in the U.S. This common eye condition can cause painful and frustrating symptoms. But can dry eyes cause blurry vision? Unfortunately, yes, but the good news is that you don’t have to live with itchy, dry eyes. Read on to learn

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woman and child on a phone
Eye Health

5 Eye Conditions Patients Over 60 Need to Know

Most eye conditions can affect anyone, but those ages 60 and older are most at risk. Age-related eye conditions like macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts can cause severe vision loss and blindness. Unfortunately, patients often don’t notice the signs before vision loss occurs, making annual eye exams crucial to diagnose conditions early and preserve vision

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A closeup of a woman's eye
Cosmetic Information

Signs You May Need Droopy Eyelid Surgery

Do you have trouble keeping your eyelids open? Are they beginning to impair your vision? Drooping eyelids, also known as ptosis, are very common. They are often the result of age, as the skin around the eye loses elasticity and the eyelid muscles weaken.  When this happens, excess skin or fat accumulates above and below

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Getting to Know Dr. Norman
Doctor Spotlight

Getting to Know Optometrist Dr. Ron Norman

We proudly welcome Ron Norman, O.D., to the Florida Eye Specialists team. As an optometrist, he specializes in primary patient eye care. Dr. Norman is known for his deep passion for treating ocular diseases and commitment to providing exceptional patient care. Keep reading to learn more about his background, and the experience he brings to

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