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5 Common Eye Care Myths

At Florida Eye Specialists, we encourage patients to learn as much as possible about their eyes. Protect your eyes and your vision by learning the facts and debunking common eye care myths. This will help you lower your risk of developing eye disease. When you see one of our eye specialists, having this knowledge means

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An older woman is pinching her eyes in discomfort. She is holding her glasses in one hand

Cataract: Types, Causes, and Risk Factors

Cataracts come in many different forms and are caused by various factors, but they all have something in common. They can cause damage to your vision – even leading to blindness. In order to seek proper medical treatment—including potential cataract surgery in Jacksonville, FL—you need to know the differences and the common symptoms such as

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A man's hands grip a car's steering wheel while he faces a blurry road at night.

4 Ways To Improve Your Night Vision

Imagine you’re driving at night on your way to a much-anticipated family holiday gathering, only to end up in the hospital because of your deteriorating night vision. It can happen to anyone, and it’s especially important to get your eyes checked twice a year by a cataract or glaucoma specialist to stave off any issues

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Two patients with masks pose in between a graphic featuring Florida Eye Specialists' Dr. Kenzo Koike, who partners with Vision is Priceless

Dr. Kenzo Koike of Florida Eye Specialists Partners With Vision is Priceless to Bring Free Eye Clinic To The Community

In partnership with the nonprofit organization Vision Is Priceless, Florida Eye Specialists’ non-profit organization called Florida Eye Cares is proud to bring free eye care clinics to the Jacksonville community. Dr. Kenzo Koike provided his services for the most recent event to help those in need. One patient, Ms. Luz Irizarry, had been negatively impacted

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How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy By Maintaining Your Blood Pressure

Having a healthy blood pressure level is an important part of reducing your risk of developing vision problems, such as hypertensive retinopathy or optic neuropathy. Some of these conditions can be hard to catch early on, which puts you at even greater risk of vision loss. The following lifestyle tips can help you adopt healthier

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A senior woman checks her blood sugar with glucometer in the kitchen.

3 Ways Diabetes Affects Your Vision

Did you know that 60 percent of people with diabetes skip their annual eye exam? While it’s important to take care of your eyes at any point in time, it’s even more crucial if you have diabetes. Diabetes and vision clearly correlate. Meaning the disease has the potential to lead to crippling eye conditions that

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Dr. Ravi Patel on right and Susanne Lester Headshot on left. Graphic reads "Dr. Patel Performs Pro Bono Surgery for Jacksonville Mom"

Super Mom Receives Gift of Sight to Help Family During COVID-19

Jacksonville mom Susanne Lester was given a pro bono cataract surgery from Dr. Ravi Patel of Florida Eye Specialists. She shared her story of overcoming many obstacles in her life that included diabetes, which would lead to vision problems.  Susanne is a super mom. Her family relies on her to drive them everywhere, and she

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