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a woman's eye with a cataract. text reads "Cataract Specialist Spotlight" and the FL Eye Specialists logo

Cataract Specialists Spotlight

In honor of June National Cataract Awareness Month, we want to shine a spotlight on our team of cataract specialists. Our cataract surgeons have performed over 35,000 cataract procedures. Get to know our cataract experts below.

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Dr. Hasan smiles. Text on image reads "Link Between Cataracts and Exercise"

Dr. Akbar Hasan On The Link Between Cataracts and Exercise

Can exercise reduce your risk of cataracts? A recent study published in the International Journal of Ophthalmology showed that taking part in regular physical exercise, such as walking or cycling, significantly reduced the risk of age-related cataracts by 10 percent. How can exercise improve your eye health? Dr. Akbar Hasan was featured in the June

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Dr. Hasan Dr. Akbar Hasan Performing DEMK Surgery at Florida Eye Specialists

Dr. Hasan Performs DMEK Surgery

Dr. S. Akbar Hasan is the first in the region to perform the new DMEK surgery, which replaces an ultra-thin section of the cornea, which improves vision outcomes, recovery time, and adoption of the donor cornea. Book an Appointment with Dr. Hasan or contact us to learn more about if DMEK surgery is right for

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Dr Akbar Pro Bono Surgery

Dr Hasan Helps Save Young Girl’s Eye

After an accident which left Yariberliz Torres’ eye severely damaged, there was little hope of saving her eye. But thanks to a coordinated effort between Dr. Akbar Hasan of Florida Eye Specialists, Dr. John Sullivan of South East Retina, and Wolfson Children’s Hospital, she was able to receive a pro bono surgery for her eye.

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Dr. Hasan Trains on New Cornea Technique | Florida Eye Specialists

Dr. Hasan Trains on New Cornea Technique

Recently, Dr. Akbar Hasan had the opportunity to attend a course in Rotterdam, The Netherlands concerning a new procedure for partial corneal transplants. He has brought his newfound knowledge back to Florida Eye Specialists in order to help patients in the northeast Florida area with certain corneal diseases see more effectively, and heal more quickly.

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