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Dr. Ravi Patel on right and Susanne Lester Headshot on left. Graphic reads "Dr. Patel Performs Pro Bono Surgery for Jacksonville Mom"

Super Mom Receives Gift of Sight to Help Family During COVID-19

Jacksonville mom Susanne Lester was given a pro bono cataract surgery from Dr. Ravi Patel of Florida Eye Specialists. She shared her story of overcoming many obstacles in her life that included diabetes, which would lead to vision problems.  Susanne is a super mom. Her family relies on her to drive them everywhere, and she

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Dr. Hasan smiles. Text on image reads "Link Between Cataracts and Exercise"

Dr. Akbar Hasan On The Link Between Cataracts and Exercise

Can exercise reduce your risk of cataracts? A recent study published in the International Journal of Ophthalmology showed that taking part in regular physical exercise, such as walking or cycling, significantly reduced the risk of age-related cataracts by 10 percent. How can exercise improve your eye health? Dr. Akbar Hasan was featured in the June

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A senior woman stares into the camera. An eye exam chart is out of focus behind her.

Everything to Know About Cataracts and Their Treatment

When you’re young, the lens of your eye is crisp, clean, and clear. As you head into your 60s, 70s, and 80s, that same lens will begin to cloud over. Similar to sagging skin over time, cataracts are inevitable for most aging people. In fact, more than half of people have them by the time

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A man with a beard squints at the camera and smokes a cigarette

How Smoking Affects Your Eyes

Few people need to be told that smoking is bad for their health, but it’s worth considering how it affects all parts of your body — including your eyes. Unfortunately, the conditions can affect you whether you smoke or you’re around someone who does. Different parts of the eye can be damaged and cause lasting

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Dr. Shetty smiles. Text on image reads "Discusses Options Available for Cataract Surgery" in Florida Health Care News

Dr. Shetty Discusses Options Available for Cataract Surgery

Dr. Shetty was featured in Florida Health Care News with his patient Wilma to discuss advanced technology in cataract surgery. Cataracts are a normal part of aging, but cataract surgery isn’t just for the elderly. A recent study published in the Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery found that more middle-aged patients are having cataract

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Dr. Shetty smiles. Text on image reads "Dr. Rajesh Shetty Discusses Advanced Technology in Cataract Surgery"

Dr. Shetty Discusses Advanced Technology in Cataract Surgery

Dr. Rajesh Shetty was featured in the Ponte Vedra Recorder to discuss advanced technology in cataract surgery and options to improve quality of life. With more patients choosing cataract surgery than ever, it’s important for patients to know their options and discuss with their eye surgeon. In this article, Dr. Shetty explains the advances in

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Dr. Ravi Patel Gives Young Mother the Gift of Sight

Dr. Ravi Patel was featured on First Coast News for performing a life-changing procedure for a young mother. Takeeya Woods, 30, had lost her vision to a hereditary condition called keratoconus. The only way to treat it is through a corneal transplant. Due to Woods’ condition, she struggled to make ends meet and care for

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A man holds his cheek with one hand and holds a contact lens in the other hand.

What Diabetics Need to Know About Cataracts & Other Eye Conditions

Diabetes comes with an onslaught of potential complications, high among those complications are eye problems. The good news? With proper treatment and lifestyle changes, many people with diabetes are able to prevent or delay the onset of these symptoms. In a situation where knowledge is power, knowing what to expect can be your best tool

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An older couple smiles joyfully at the camera.

Cataracts and Clear Vision for Longer Life

Anyone considering cataract surgery knows that the most obvious benefit is clearer vision. But the procedure can have other unexpected health benefits in improving life quality and psychological health. In fact, some studies have connected cataract surgery with the likelihood of living longer. Before considering surgery, here is what you should know about cataracts: A

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