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A close-up of a contact lens on a person's finger before use.
Dry Eye Information

The 5 Best Contacts for Dry Eye

Contact lenses can help improve your vision, but they can be uncomfortable to wear when you suffer from dry eye disease. This condition can cause your eyes to feel dry and irritated on a regular basis. Dry eye contacts offer a more suitable contact lens option for those who have this condition. The following lenses

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Eye Health

5 Common Eye Care Myths

At Florida Eye Specialists, we encourage patients to learn as much as possible about their eyes. Protect your eyes and your vision by learning the facts and debunking common eye care myths. This will help you lower your risk of developing eye disease. When you see one of our eye specialists, having this knowledge means

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In the News

Dr. Rachana Patel: Risks of Wearing Contacts While Swimming

Dr. Rachana Patel was featured on News4Jax to discuss the risks of swimming or showering while wearing contact lenses. She explains the contaminants common in water that can jeopardize eye health, signs of an eye infection, and proper contact lens care. Watch the full interview below:

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Florida Eye Specialists Team

Doctor Profile – Kimberly Riordan, OD

Doctor Profile – Kimberly Riordan, OD Meet Dr. Riordan Kimberly Riordan, OD, graduated magna cum laude from Ball State University with a B.S. in biology and plans to attend the Illinois College of Optometry. After receiving her doctorate of optometry, she moved to Daytona Beach, Florida, to complete her residency in primary care at the

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