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Dr. Patel wears a medical device and holds a device up to a patients eye while performing the first PDEK Surgery in the region.

Dr. Patel Performs First PDEK Surgery in Region

Dr. Ravi Patel of Florida Eye Specialists recently became the first doctor in North Florida to perform the new PDEK surgery, an advanced type of cornea transplant that provides faster visual recovery times for patients. Using the PDEK technique, doctors take the two innermost layers of the cornea, along with the newly discovered Dua’s layer,

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Dr. Hasan Dr. Akbar Hasan Performing DEMK Surgery at Florida Eye Specialists

Dr. Hasan Performs DMEK Surgery

Dr. S. Akbar Hasan is the first in the region to perform the new DMEK surgery, which replaces an ultra-thin section of the cornea, which improves vision outcomes, recovery time, and adoption of the donor cornea. Book an Appointment with Dr. Hasan or contact us to learn more about if DMEK surgery is right for

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Dr. Hasan Trains on New Cornea Technique | Florida Eye Specialists

Dr. Hasan Trains on New Cornea Technique

Recently, Dr. Akbar Hasan had the opportunity to attend a course in Rotterdam, The Netherlands concerning a new procedure for partial corneal transplants. He has brought his newfound knowledge back to Florida Eye Specialists in order to help patients in the northeast Florida area with certain corneal diseases see more effectively, and heal more quickly.

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A man is having his eyes examined by a doctor with an eye-exam machine

What You Need to Know About Cornea Transplants

A cornea transplant is a surgical procedure that replaces tissue inside the eye with tissue from a donor. More specifically, the surgeon replaces the cornea, which is the clear, round outer lens of the eye that helps with focus. The procedure can help you see better and reduce eye pain. There are several reasons someone

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