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Dr. Patel Performs Pro Bono Surgery for Diabetic Dad in Need
Cataract Information

Dr. Ravi Patel Performs Pro Bono Cataract Surgery for Diabetic Dad in Need

Florida Eye Specialists is proud to fund pro-bono surgeries for vision-saving care through the Florida Eye Cares foundation.  William Servance, a Jacksonville dad of two, received one of these free cataract surgeries when his insurance wouldn’t cover the cost. Dr. Ravi Patel performed the crucial surgery in October. Now, Severance says, he can see better

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Dr. Ravi Patel stands next to cornea transplant patient Freeman Kelly who is lying in a surgical bed
Cornea Information

Dr. Ravi Patel Performs Life-Changing Cornea Transplant for Professor from the Bahamas

Freeman Kelly, an adjunct professor from the Bahamas, traveled to Jacksonville to receive a life-changing cornea transplant eye surgery.  The 71-year-old professor has suffered from glaucoma and cataracts for years. After undergoing three different eye surgeries, Kelly’s vision still suffered. His blurry and unfocused vision had made it impossible for him to walk or drive

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Three photos of Sparrow, Dr. Koike and other medical team members during an eye exam. A graphic is featured below the images with the logo and caption
Giving Back

Dr. Koike Performs Sight-Saving Surgery for St. Augustine Mom in Need

Catrina Sparrow, a St. Augustine mom of 4 and grandma of 3, was thrilled to receive a life-altering glaucoma surgery from Dr. Koike at Florida Eye Specialists. It all began last Christmas when she started having painful headaches. After losing sight in her left eye, she knew it was only a matter of time until

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Dr. Kostick poses with a teenager. Text reads "Dr. Kostick Performs Pro Bono Surgery for Teenage Boy"
Giving Back

Dr. Kostick Performs Pro Bono Surgery for Teenage Boy

Dr. David Kostick of Florida Eye Specialists recently performed a life-changing procedure for a teenage boy who needed eye surgery. Edward Yost, 19, was injured in an accident that resulted in a torn tear duct. Edward is very active and enjoys playing rugby. He regularly volunteers with organizations such as Baptist Sports, but he could

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Giving Back | Florida Eye Specialists

Dr. Patel Saves Local Man’s Sight

Dr. Ravi Patel of Florida Eye Specialist performed a pro-bono cataract surgery for a local welder who was going to lose his job due to his affected vision. This was an unfortunate case in which a hard worker fell through the cracks of insurance coverage. Florida Eye Specialists stepped up to the plate and took

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