Chemical Peels

Doctor injects a patient as she lays on a bed with a towel wrapped around her head
Skinmedica Peel Before and After

Professional Chemical Peels in Jacksonville, FL

A growing number of people are discovering the rejuvenating effect of chemical peels. A chemical peel involves using a specialist compound to speed up skin exfoliation (shedding the top, dead layer of cells). By using a chemical peel such as Skinmedica®, it’s possible to completely transform the look of your skin, resulting in a fresher, more radiant appearance. The procedure is straight-forward and patients can expect to see the benefits rapidly.

Chemical Peels Can Significantly Enhance Skin Appearance

Exfoliation can help to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles caused by old age or sun light promoting a more youthful look. It can also help with lessening the visibility of darker skin patches, freckles or other imperfections, helping to create a more blemish free appearance. After a chemical peel, skin looks clearer and many imperfections are less visible.

A Chemical Peel is a Straight-Forward Procedure

Our highly trained and experienced professional team will pick a treatment strength that’s right for you, explain the procedure to you and then apply the chemical peel. The entire appointment takes less than an hour, with the actual application taking less than half of the appointment time. Generally, patients feel a tingling or burning sensation, but this subsides fairly quickly and is normally quite bearable. After the treatment, some chemical peels, such as Vitalize Peel® may leave the skin looking yellow – this unwanted color will fade within a few hours. All chemical peel treatments leave some redness, but this disappears quickly and most patients can soon start to notice improvements in their skin’s appearance.

Why Not Opt For a Course of Chemical Peels at Our Jacksonville, FL, Practice?

Many people find that their skin looks significantly better after only one treatment. This improvement can be consolidated by booking a number of treatments, scheduled every four to six weeks. Regular chemical peels can help you retain your enhanced appearance, ensuring your skin always looks in good condition. If you have any queries about chemical peels, get in touch with our friendly team who will be delighted to help.

Chemical Peel FAQs

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