LASIK Technology

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Eye-Q Excimer Laser

LASIK Excimer Laser Jacksonville


Florida Eye Specialists is committed to providing the latest technology for the best outcome for every patient we see. We are very pleased to now offer treatment with the Eye-Q Excimer Laser. By using the Eye-Q and the IntraLase® together, we are able to revolutionizes LASIK with unparalleled precision and accuracy.

The Eye-Q Excimer Laser is the fastest and most precise laser system for vision correction available in the U.S. The laser employs what is called PerfectPulse Technology to safely and accurately control every single laser pulse from start to finish.

It’s important to remember that all LASIK is not created equal. The Allegretto Wave Eye-Q Laser is the fastest laser for vision correction in the U.S. at this time. It also has the smallest laser beam at only .95mm. The “PerfectPulse Technology”, faster speed of the laser and small size of the beam help the cornea maintain its natural shape and very smooth surface with no steep angles or edges. The results are crisper vision, even at night.

The IntraLase method has been used successfully on thousands of eyes and we trust this advanced technology to deliver exceptional results for our laser eye surgery patients. Our commitment is to provide your patients with the ultimate in comfort, safety, and outstanding vision. With the ultra-high precision IntraLase laser, creating the corneal flap is now safer and more accurate. By eliminating the blade once used in traditional LASIK, our patients enjoy a premium level of safety.

PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy)

Bladeless LASIK: Intralase Equipment

Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) is a precise, minimally invasive method of reshaping the cornea. At Florida Eye Specialists, we use a state-of-the-art computerized excimer laser to gently remove a thin layer of tissue from the corneal surface. The reshaping of the cornea helps to reduce or eliminate the need for glasses. The treatment takes 10 to 20 seconds. A contact lens is placed on the cornea after the treatment to keep the patient comfortable while the epithelial layer heals. This occurs in 3-5 days in most cases. The contact lens may be slightly bothersome and the vision is somewhat compromised during this time. After the cornea is healed and the contact lens is removed, vision will sharpen as the cornea continues to smooth. PRK affords excellent results and is the procedure of choice for Navy pilots, astronauts and patients with thin corneas or slightly irregular corneas. In U.S. clinical trials, 100 percent achieved improved vision and two-thirds were 20/20.

Animation demonstrating how the iris recognition tracks the complete movement of the eye.

Animation demonstrating how use of the ACE tracker stops the use of the laser if the iris moves out of range.

The eye tracking capability of ACE is twice as fast as other trackers, so it can respond to eye shifts in fewer than 7 milliseconds. At Florida Eye Specialists we use wavefront guided LASIK surgery that uses 3-dimensional measurements of the eye to enhance the lasers ability to re-shape the cornea. This allows for precise, individualized vision correction outcomes to be achieved that are not able to be achieved with Traditional LASIK surgery. With Custom Wavefront LASIK, the eye’s ability to focus light rays is measured from front to back, and a 3-D map is created that demonstrates irregularities in the way the eye processes images. Information contained in the map guides the laser in customizing the treatment to reshape your patient’s corneal surface so that these irregularities can be corrected.

Summary of the technological advances in Refractive Surgery at Florida Eye Specialists:

  1. All-Laser LASIK with Intralase femtosecond laser
  2. ACE iris tracker – only tracker which allows for dynamic rotational tracking of eye movement
  3. Custom Wavefront Guided procedure – allowing a truly customized procedure for your patient