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PCIOL Lens Treatments Available in Jacksonville, FL

Thought to be a natural part of the aging process, the changes in the eye which lead to the development of cataracts usually occur in older patients, causing a gradual loss of vision that can be very disabling. If left untreated, cataracts can eventually cause complete blindness. Fortunately, a number of effective treatments have been developed for treating cataracts, including laser refractive surgery techniques such as LASIK and PRK. A surgical option that is growing in popularity is PCIOL lens treatment, where surgery is used to replace the damaged lens with an artificial one. For many patients, this type of treatment not only restores vision to the level that it was before the cataract began to cause problems, the new, synthetic lens that’s fitted may even give better eye sight than before.

Lens Technology

Florida Eye Specialists offers the latest technology when it comes to intraocular lenses. Your surgeon will select a lens customized to your lifestyle needs, most likely offering a lens that’s like the eye’s natural lens, focusing at all lengths – near, far, and in-between. The eyes muscles move the lens closer and farther in the brain’s response to see at different distances. The eye will focus continuously and seamlessly through all ranges of distance.

It is important to note that not everyone will see 20/20 at all distances. Even after having this procedure, you may have difficulty reading close in low light conditions. As you age, seeing under those conditions becomes more difficult.

The IOL Surgical Procedure

It is a safe and proven refractive surgery performed in an outpatient facility. The procedure takes 20 minutes and is relatively painless. The eyes original clouded lens is replaced by the IOL. The dominant eye is treated first and the second eye is treated in a few weeks.

About Cataracts and How They Develop

In healthy eyes, the lens is clear, allowing light to easily penetrate and vision to work correctly. As people age, this lens can become cloudy (opaque), reducing the amount of light that can penetrate. As a result, less light reaches the back of the eye (and therefore the optic nerve); reducing the amount of information the brain receives. Although most cataracts occur in older people and take years to develop, there are also occasions when younger patients suffer from cataracts, or when the vision problems caused by cataracts are sudden and dramatic. Whatever the circumstances that leads to cataract formation, the condition is extremely treatable, with many patients experiencing amazing improvements in their eye sight following one of our cutting-edge eye surgery procedures.

Laser Cataract Surgery Options

Advances in technology and ground-breaking treatment techniques results in contemporary cataract removal usually being a highly successful procedure that has minimal side effects. At our Jacksonville clinic, we use the LenSx laser for cataract surgery. This option offers a gentle solution that doesn’t involve blades and which can give incredibly accurate incisions that give high-quality cataract removal results. Used in conjunction with sophisticated technology, our laser cataract surgery is designed to optimize treatment outcomes as well as provide a comfortable, well-tolerated procedure that has a shorter recovery time and fewer side effects than many earlier treatments.

Presbyopia Explained

The LenSx FDA-approved Have you noticed that as you’ve gotten older, it’s necessary to move your book or newspaper further away to read it clearly? This condition is known as presbyopia and is a common effect of aging. Even people who previously had enjoyed excellent vision find that presbyopia becomes a problem as they grow older. Traditionally, individuals correct the problem with reading glasses or bi-focals. Modern Crystalens and ReSTOR implant products mean that eye surgery can not only correct the issue, it can even enhance vision, meaning that after the procedure, many patients are able to undertake a significant number of tasks without the glasses which were previously a necessity.

The Safest and Most Successful Procedure

It’s common for people to worry about eye surgery, but the reality is that contemporary procedures are safer, more successful and have fewer side effects than the techniques used even a few years ago. When you elect to have cataract surgery at our practice, effective local anesthesia means there is very little discomfort during the process. During the operation, the damaged lens is carefully removed and a fresh, synthetic version inserted. Cataract surgery is a day care procedure, so there is no need for an overnight hospital stay. Once in place, the synthetic lens operates without further intervention, so no special eye care is normally required once healing has taken place.

Learn More about PCIOLS

Many people find that the right cataract eye surgery can absolutely transform their vision! In some cases their eyesight may even be better than it was before cataract development, thanks to revolutionary artificial, intraocular lenses such as the Acrysof® ReSTOR. To find out more about the benefits that eye surgery can bring, or to find out more about what’s involved with the procedures that we offer, book an appointment to meet with our skilled, friendly LASIK team. They will be happy to answer all your questions, as well as explain everything you need to know to make the right decisions on your eye care options.